Royal Purple Color Dye

Royal Purple Color Dye

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Looking stylish with the brilliant purple color which will turn heads everywhere. A 100% California Sun-dried Turmeric, a totally non synthetic royal purple for the high monk’s kasaya or fabric colors.

An Ugly duckling turns into the Golden Swan.

Contrary to popular belief, our products feature a high Curcumin absorption rate by 70% than other Curcumin products out in the market currently. With our in depth understanding in crops planting, soil Ph requirements, harvesting, storage and a handmade finished products processing. therefore, it's a perfect non allergic products for your high expectations.

A 14grams glass jar with a product of 1:10 concentration ratio which means it's 10lbs Turmeric to 1lb of final products  of  which it can be quite potent , to say the least.