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The FDA has not approved the use of curcumin as a treatment for cancer or any other medical condition. However, we can provide our special yellow pigments in assisting any and all studies and researches.

Mission Statement - The all-natural solution

USGinger is a new company dedicated to helping people improve their lives through the use of all natural products. Our products aid in reducing the stress of modern, everyday life by focusing on common problems that create long-term health risks, including inflammation, chronic pain, indigestion, and reversing the harm of unhealthy eating habits. Experience the transformative effects of cur cumin in preventing neurodegeneration. Preserve your brains health and vitality with the 100% natural power of cur cumin.


Our products are:

• 100% Natural ingredients from US Small Farmers 

• World’s 1st Natural Handmade Sun Dried Ginger & Turmeric

• No additives, preservatives, coloring, or sodium with a live yellow organism which are perfect for cosmetics and other related fields.

• Gluten-free and best cur cumin clinical trials product

• Irradiation-free which will aid in advancing all types of Curcumin Clinical Trials

• Chemical-free; with an ISO 17025 verification from a FDA certified lab - Food & Cosmetic colorant

* Any negative gastrointestinal side effects? With Cali's sundried curcumin, they don't happen here

And our Advanced Ink Dye Technology is like no others.​

In addition to the all-natural benefits of our products, US Ginger is also the first US Mainland-grown ginger and turmeric company in the world, and has been capturing consumers around the globe. Targeting 2.2 billion in Asia alone, US Ginger has been a highly successful food science company. An Energy Booster USA.

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