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USGinger, a Brand has never stopped envolving


USGinge'sr TradeMark Application

USGinger's One-of-Kind items Advanced Ink Dye Technology in Tradeimark Application is a history in the making.


Offsite Takeaways: Doing it the USGinger Way

We offer One-Of-Kind items, Kasaya Royal Yellow Dye for high level Buddhist monks' Kasaya.
高僧袈裟黄, 袈裟(けさ) 青・黄・赤・白・黒の正色.
Our uniquely handmade items with ultrasounic cleaning technique has produced the pure California Sun-dried Turmeric are made from the Royal Yellow Color Turmeric instead of in colors of Orange or Red.  
It will be a perfect match with the original Yellow Turmeric from many thousands years back when The
Buddha who had had intended of the usage of Turmeric.


New Startup Changing The Game

USGinger's newly designed Curcumi Clinical Trials Kits becoming available for the medical industry.

And Linking-one's-health to the magical medicinal property of Curcuminoids by USGinger's products are completely revolutionary.

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