Curcumin Clinical Trials Kit

Curcumin Clinical Trials Kit

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California  grown and Sun-dried Turmeric 100%, no imports.

And imagine the power of yellow pigments (living organism) can do.

The kit comes with a detailed formula  manual kit for each applicable applications.

We can tailor our products  (in quantities, time periods and stages)  to your needs in the category that you're conducting the trials.  Therefore, it can help to reduce the trials periods by 50% than the old and out dated ones. And with California Sun-dried Curcumin, there's almost NO side effects,; including no needs to suppress any other functions of one's body in order to gain control of the symptoms.  After all, our products are only categorized as food items.

For example,  For luxrious hairs, wrinkless skins, minor sensitive tooth aches, minor ear aches, or even external Hemorrhoids.  Yes, give it a try, you got nothing to lose but everything to gain. 

A 7 grans  glass jar each. 

Ingredients: California  Grown and Sun-dried Turmeric.

Medical groups inquiries welcomed.

The products are ideal for Curcumin Clinical Trials researches and studies.

Other Curcumin has had failed but NOT ours.

Important information

Legal DisclaimerStatements regarding our products supplements have not been evaluated by the FDA and are not intended to diagnose, treat, cure, or prevent any disease or health condition.


    With the brilliant yellow color which will prohibit all illness producing cells. A 100% California Sun-dried Turmeric, a totally non synthetic royal yellow with a minimum

    amount of non invasive therapies.

    An Ugly duckling turns into the Golden Swan.

    Contrary to popular belief, our products feature a high Curcumin pigmennt and absorption rate by 70% than other Curcumin products out in the market currently. With our in depth understanding in crops planting, soil Ph requirements, harvesting, storage and a handmade finished products processing. therefore, it's a perfect non allergic products for your high expectations.

    A 12grams glass jar with a product of 1:10 concentration ratio which means it's 10lbs of Turmeric to 1lb of final products  of  which it can be quite potent , to say


    Ingredient: California grown and Sun-dried Turmeric

    Our products are made with crops source verified in California and FDA, USDA Labs tested for purity.

    The 100% California Sun-dried Turmeric for your daily fshion design needs.

    100% Product of USA. And no imports.


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